Rights of Way Network

The rights of way network around Buckworth contains a mixture of public footpaths and concessionary paths granted under agreement with local landowners.

An information board showing the routes of the paths is situated on Church Road in front of the Church. This does not show the latest permissive bridleway.

Buckworth Parish Rights of Way

Buckworth Parish Rights of Way

The parish celebrates 20 years of the re-establishment of its thirteen and half miles of footpaths and bridleways in 2014. The parish was also lucky enough to be given a new permissive right of way in 2004, taking walkers on an easier route passing by Buckworth Wood and providing close up views of the numerous bluebells in spring.

  • Recently the ‘right to roam’ legislation has been finalised. Unfortunately, Cambridgeshire has very little land to which this applies and the parish of Buckworth has none.
  • However, again on the plus side many of the fields now have strips left along the margins which are not cultivated. This is to encourage wildlife back onto the land. These strips should not be walked or ridden on and dogs should certainly not be allowed to run wild in these areas or on any rights of way or through crops.
  • The rights of way are regularly inspected and the way-marking signs checked. Landowners are notified of any problems and if they cannot be sorted out locally then Cambs County Council can be called upon to act on behalf of the parish.
  • New way-marking has been installed on the footpath which goes between the Church and Bream Close and joins the path from Hamerton Road. This path then goes into the field (not along the backs of the houses in Church Road) before turning left and exiting on the track by the Old Rectory. The field section of the path is clearly visible once the path has been marked after ploughing and sowing.
  • The original ‘Beating of the Bounds’ leaflet was published 14 years ago. The permissive path can be marked on it by hand (it is also well marked on the actual path).

If you know of any path which is not marked or has any problems please notify the Parish Clerk or Cambridgeshire County Council Rights of Way Department.

If you would like to see any of the legislation concerning rights of way, including the definitive map, please contact the Parish Clerk or the County Council.

An Extract from the Countryside Code

Buckworth Ordinance Survey Parish Map

Buckworth Ordinance Survey Parish Map

Advice for the public from a gentle stroll or relaxing picnic to a long-distance walk or heart pumping adventure, the countryside provides every opportunity for enjoyment and relaxation.

  • Be safe – plan ahead and follow any signs.
  • Leave gates and property as you find them.
  • Protect plants and animals, take your litter home.
  • Keep dogs under close control (preferably on a lead if they will not walk to heel). Always on a lead near animals.
  • Consider other people.

Advice for Land Managers

Landowners also have responsibilities under the Countryside Code.

  • Know your rights and responsibilities.
  • Make it easy for visitors to act responsibly.
  • Identify possible threats to visitor’s safety.

For further information on how and where to access the country side visit www.gov.uk/right-of-way-open-access-land or phone 0845 1003298 or telephone Cambridgeshire County Council Rights of Way Department on 01223 717708.