Welcome to the Parish of Buckworth

Buckworth has been a site of human habitation for thousands of years. There was a Neolithic barrow on the hill opposite the current village by what is now Buckworth woods.

Within the Parish there are several signs of Roman habitation, this spot would have been an ideal location on high ground looking down onto a Roman road that went along the valley and past Salomi Wood.  Today the Village is dominated by All Saints church.

Parish Council

This site allows you to access the agendas and minutes of the Parish council meetings. There are also links on the main menu at the top of every page.  For further information about the Parish Council itself:

  • The Councillors  – Information about councillors, committees and staff, including the register of interests.
  • Finance and Audit – What we spend, how we spend it and how our spending is monitored and accounted for. (This section of our website contains material which complies with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, Publication Scheme and Open Data requirements.)
  • Buckworth Parish Council Policies – The agreed policies are some of the key documents that support the council’s administration and their decision making processes.

Village News

Items of interest to parishioners are posted under the Latest News menu item, but all recent additions to the website appear in the right hand column .

There is also information about other aspects of parish life, such as: