All Saints Church

The Parishes of the North Leightonstone Benefice are The Alconburys, Buckworth, The Giddings, Hamerton, The Riptons, The Stukeleys, Upton and Winwick.


All Saints Church Buckworth has one Sunday service a month.

All saints church Buckworth during repairs

All Saints Church During Repairs

See the village notice board, or the Benefice website, for the times and dates of the monthly service. The village notice board and Benefice website will also announce any changes, extra or special services.

Every Saturday the church is open between 9 am and 3 pm.

Contacting the Clergy


Associate Priest


  • Margaret Warrener
  • Address: Holly Lodge Bungalow, Upton
  • Tel: 01480 890228

Church Secretary

  • Diane Simmonds
  • Address: 2, Bream Close, Buckworth
  • Tel: 01480 896295

Church Access

A key is available from the Churchwarden or the Secretary.

Funding Details

Like many small rural churches, in addition to the collections and fund-raising events, they also survive on donations. If you are able to make a single or regular donation please go to: or contact the Church Secretary for further information.

Do visit, come and join in; a warm welcome awaits you in this beautiful church.

History of All Saints Church, Buckworth

All Saints Church is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. The earliest parts of the present church are 12th century eastern angles of an aisle-less nave. The south arcades and south aisle were built towards the end of the 13th century. The tower and spire were added around 1300, followed by the chancel, north arcade and north aisle about 1310. The south aisle and the north aisle were re-built around 1400. The clerestory and porch were added about the same time. The church was re-roofed in 1862 and the spire restored in 1884. The tower was repaired in 1908 and the spire rebuilt in 1925, after being struck by lightning.

Today the Church of All Saints, Buckworth consists of a chancel, nave, north aisle, south aisle, west tower with a spire and a porch. The walls are of rubble with stone dressings and the roofs are covered with tiles and lead. Little was done to the church until the 1980’s when a programme of repairs was started following a storm, which severely damaged the roof and destroyed the internal mechanism of the organ. In 1989, serious fund-raising began and continues to be vital for maintaining the church. The re-leading of the roof, extensive re-decoration of the interior and repair of the windows have all been completed. The bells were made safe – with one still available to ring – and by 2010 the tower windows were fitted with louvers and grills to prevent weather and bird damage. More recently, an electrical supply has been installed and overall lighting has replaced the oil lamps. A large grant from English Heritage in 2013 – 15 funded a major restoration of the tower, porch, and wall bases, as well as providing effective rain water drainage.

Churchyard restoration began in 2001 following a professional tree survey. This led to the regular pollarding of the 250 year-old lime trees around the edges of the churchyard, and some clearance of dangerous trees. Annual maintenance of the churchyard continues with grave tidying, tree trimming and grass mowing.

All Saints Church occupies a prominent position in the centre of the village and is a historic, visual and spiritual treasure for the community. The Funding Details can help you ensure these diverse functions are retained for the village.